Chronicles Of Baby Cassidy

Balancing the role of Mom, Career Woman & Friend. And learning more and more about myself as I go.

Are you doing enough?

Over the last few months, there have been terrible stories about horrific murders and rapes. I've read the articles, I've followed the cases and I've seen all of the public commentary and outcry. One thing stood out for me. So... Continue Reading →


Blink and you miss it!

For the millionth time in the three years that I've been her mom, I said a silent thank you to God for these little moments.

Living with Lymphodema

I will never forget waking up one morning, 8 months pregnant, and seeing that my legs had lost all shape from the knee down. I was petrified.

Project Lisa – Meet Jaishal

Meet Jaishal. Owner of Glow Aesthetics, skin guru and admired businesswoman.

Project Lisa – Meet Shihaam

There is nothing I respect more than someone who can turn their passion into a thriving business. And Shifitness founder Shihaam did exactly that!

Project Lisa – Meet Loren

Meet Loren. Eden Slimming and Beauty owner and all round amazing human! #ProjectLisa

Saying no to “people pleasing”

It's not always easy. But no one should people please their way through life. I'm so guilty of this. And it needs to stop.

Project Lisa

Follow my 12 week transformation with some amazing and admirable women. It's time to prioritise the "Lisa" in me.

Children are human too

So often children are punished for being human. We really need to stop holding our children to a higher standard than we can attain for ourselves.

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