Chronicles Of Baby Cassidy

Balancing the role of Mom, Partner, Friend & Career Woman. And learning more and more about myself as I go.

The H word

Yes, Cass gets a hiding on the odd occasion. But why did I feel like a bad mom explaining that to her teacher?

Your child is my child

An increased amount of young children's lives were brutally cut short. I looked at Cassy in the rear view mirror, innocent and trusting, unable to fathom if I'd lost her.

Dear Daddy

I remember the very last time that I spoke to you. Never realising that it was not goodbye for the evening, but for a lifetime.

Why taking a sick day is okay

Being committed to your job and duties is one thing. Putting your health second is another. Here's how a death made me sit up and take notice.

I thought I had the work mom thing down. Let’s all laugh together.

Now that Cass is older and started creche, I've become the career woman/ mom I never thought I'd be. The late one. And I'm not a fan. I thought that I needed more hours in the day (every day), until I listened to a talk about leadership and discovered something else...

The last darn kilos!

So I'm about 5kgs away from my goal weight but my body feels as though it's hit a plateau. But I've come so far and I'm not ready to give up when the finish line is so near!

Tantrums. It was bound to happen.

Do any moms remember the time in your life where you sat in a restaurant and enjoyed your meal at your leisure? Or strolled through the super market and did not have to dodge any displays because little hands are... Continue Reading →

Too early to teach her manners? Get out!

The newest and now subsequently biggest cheese grater in my life is when I get told that Cassy is “too young” or “only One” when it comes to discipline and manners. Now I don’t know about you, but I believe... Continue Reading →

“Wait, what? You’re 30?!”

Whoop there it is! I’ve hit the dirty 30 mark! Calling for honesty, I’d like to genuinely apologise to every person I’ve teased or rolled my eyes at when you’ve joked about a mini freak out or early midlife crisis... Continue Reading →

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