Chronicles Of Baby Cassidy

Balancing the role of Mom, Career Woman & Friend. And learning more and more about myself as I go.

Show me a child and I will show you their parents

A taxi almost swerved into us. I panicked and shouted, “YOU IDIOT!”. I heard a slightly softer but firm voice that said, “No. You must not say that. You must be kind and loving always.” It was Cassidy.


Expectations vs observations

To date, this post is one of the hardest that I’ve ever had to write. But I am choosing to tell it because it is written out of love and respect and a God given place of calm.

Bringing up girls

I’ve been reading “Bringing up Girls” by Dr James Dobson. – Thanks Mom. It's really helped on days your child reminds you a little of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde and judgements come left, right and centre.

Faking the strength she needed from me

2:52am. My baby was seizing in front of my eyes. It was happening again. Was this the day I lost her?

What DO kids really know?

Before I had Cassidy, I was under the impression that children’s keen perception levels were exaggerated. I always thought that they couldn’t possibly understand what was going on around them. Wrong.

Period cravings, Shmeriod cravings – I have a SECRET

What do you do when it’s that time of the month and if you are like me, want to eat everything under the sun? Well, I have a secret!

Mind and body reboot? Yes please!

It’s June, can you believe it? I think my body knew it before my mind registered it. How you ask? The mid-year slump of course!

The H word

Yes, Cass gets a hiding on the odd occasion. But why did I feel like a bad mom explaining that to her teacher?

Your child is my child

An increased amount of young children's lives were brutally cut short. I looked at Cassy in the rear view mirror, innocent and trusting, unable to fathom if I'd lost her.

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